How to act like a pro in Covid-19-times

After a critical spring due to Covid-19 many brands within the wedding industry needs to get control over the situation in order to gain success in 2021. This is how you master the situation and makes 2021 your best year ever!

At this very moment retailers in the Nordic Countries are asking themselves questions like: “Who do I want to work with in the future?”, “When is the right time to place orders for next season?”, “What will I purchase?” and “How much can I afford to spend?”

Retailers cannot afford to make any mistakes at this moment and need to choose suppliers that they will benefit from. Want to be one of those? 

Then you should follow these 3 steps:

Step 1. Make sure the retailers know you will survive!

It is not only you who have doubts whether your retailers will make it through these tough times. The retailers are also questioning whether you as a brand will stand strong after this critical spring. Make sure to communicate with the retailers that you will still be an important part of this industry and stand strong for the future.

Step 2. Let the retailers know why they should work with you.

WHY should the retailers work with you? Let the retailers know how you will act in this new situation and what the retailers will BENEFIT from working with you in these times. Do you have great deals with deliveries, do you offer down payments or do you have any bonuses for the retailers if they purchase a certain amount? Be as specific as possible!

Step 3. Relationship!

The key to great sales in stores is to have a great relationship with the retailers. By having a great relationship the retailer will automatically push your dresses to the brides and sell your brand before others. Great relationship can be improved in different ways. You can support them through house shows, B2C marketing which creates a buzz around your brand, good demands, in-house marketing etc. This is an ongoing process that will allow your relationship with the retailers to grow and for you to gain success in the future.

“The retailers HAVE TO prepare well in advance so that they are ready to assist all the upcoming brides for 2021. This means that they need to ACT before September 2020 so that they will get their deliveries on time for the brides visiting them in January 2021.”