Nordic Bridal Show - Customers at Sinceritys stand

Retailer’s checklist in order to succeed in 2021

This information will come in handy for those brands that want to increase sales in the Nordic Countries. Make sure to read this and act wisely.

Information from our surveys to retailers and upcoming brides has shown that the retailers should follow certain guidelines in order to succeed in 2021.

  • Essential to see the dresses – It’s crucial for retailers in the Nordic Countries to see and review the products before placing orders. Specially now in these times when they cannot afford to make any bad decisions. Selling a wedding dress to a bride is long process and in order to make it right the retailers must be certain of their purchases.
  • Place orders in time – At this moment many retailers are doing an inventory to see what they can and must purchase for next year. Retailer who wants to approach brides visiting them in January 2021 must place orders no later than August to enable delivery before Christmas.
  • Both 2021- and 2020-brides – Many of those brides who had to cancel their wedding in 2020 are also searching for the right dress for their wedding in 2021. This means that it’s essential for the retailers to offer the 2021 collection also to the 2020-brides. Therefore they must place new orders to cover all brides in 2021.
  • Additional sales – Retailers will always make profits from additional sales. It is important that the retailer can offer accessories, petticoats, shoes etc. to the bride at the same time as she is purchasing her wedding dress. So if you can offer accessories petticoats, shoes etc. make sure to let the retailers know.

Make sure that you are visible for all the Nordic retailers at Nordic Bridal Show the 9-10th of August so that you are a part of the success 2021!